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I photographed Elisa today; she gave me a collage of the moon, and then sent me this message:

(an extract)..

“Ben… I hope you enjoy the moon you are taking home with you. The more I think of it, the moon was not only meant for you because you came with me to that book store catching me in that moment of “collager in despair” searching for a moon of a certain size. It was also meant for you since your picture series on Spain is a bit like the moon. 

The moon is a beautiful place, yet also melancholic. It is something that is always there, but in constant changing phases. It is an undiscovered area, yet a sight we see every day (or should I say night). It is sold to us as beauty, but seems to hide coldness and cracks and dark spots within it. It is also something to dream about … - going to the moon; or, sitting beside someone nice while observing the moon;. Hence, the moon is a bit like Spain. And at the day your series ends, such as the moon, Spain will regain it´s full shape after undergoing it´s different phases and crescents. 

Keep going! As I said yesterday, the project you have began is very touching. And I loved to see you yesterday, in search of that picture that no one had taken yet. Like a small conqueror looking for a corner of the moon that no one has stepped on.”