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from day to day


New business cards. Thanks @moo

Final Mahou for 6 weeks courtesy of Burger King. We’re heading to the UK and the States until September. (at T1 aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas)

I also shot a feature for @madridcomestible at the awesome Cafe Arriverdeci on Calle Augusto Figueroa, Chueca. The proprietor, Raul, roasts the in house coffe beans every day at 2pm. I got to try one of his perfect Café con Hielo - a very simple Spanish iced coffee - an espresso with two massive ice cubes. #madrid

Here’s the feature I did for Madrid Comestible magazine about the city’s hidden terazzas. Over a couple of days I buzzed around a bunch of awesome drinking spots with @madcity_dispatch - I’m looking forward to revisiting some of these places in the autumn! The magazine is great - it’s all about local produce and the people the food and drink industry in #Madrid. The layouts are great, there’s good writing and photography, and it’s in a mix of English and Spanish. Best of all it’s free - if you visit you can find out where to pick y

Great to make new friends in La Pedriza today. (at La Pedriza)

at La Pedriza

Up in La Pedriza to shoot project work again. This guy was climbing next to our lunch spot. (at La Pedriza)

at La Pedriza

Cleaning the house is profitable, just found a fiddy under @franchitastic’s epic pile of dirty underwear

@peadaar franchi just found $20 in a card you guys sent her OVER A YEAR AGO. She’s a quick one eh? And also so excited that she let me photograph her with extreme bed head.