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#treeporn @hkcooper (at Fort Yargo State Park)

at Fort Yargo State Park

#treeporn @hkcooper (at Fort Yargo State Park)

@blackfriars_st sending over more pics tonight/tomorrow. Finally!!

@franchitastic and @queen_zamunda smashing a Nathan’s Hot Dog. YES!!! #nathans #nyc #coneyisland

#nyc #coneyisland

#nyc #brighton #btrain

#nyc #coneyisland #qtrain

@mauriciohair thanks for taking us to the house party last night, could you ask Manuel if he will be my body stunt double - however he might need to spend a bit more time in the gym as his 6 pack needs a little bit more definition to look like mine.

My contributor bio in Monocle. I also have a GSOH, like long walks on the beach, keeping fit, and sometimes watching movies in bed with a tub of ice cream.